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Surfy Browser was originally designed for Windows Phone, but recently migrated all its benefits and features to the Android ecosystem offering up a useful tool whose main trick is the possibility to add a bunch of unique features that make it an especially easily accessed app for users.

Its hallmark is its commitment to safety; often requiring a quick password type in to allow access to certain sites. In addition, you'll be able to browse privately while safeguarding all your credentials and usage habits. Beyond that, there are also many other extremely useful options like a night mode that dims your screen well beyond the minimum standards on your phone. Not to mention their reading system for voice text, and the bookmarker system based on mosaics allowing you to customize your URL display.

For each page you save to favorites, you'll be able to set up a default if you want it to open when browsing in private mode. Also, you'll be able to set up a password to access certain sites, as well as choose your interface color. All of these features aim to fully customize your day-to-day browsing experience on the full range of sites you'd usually visit.

Surfy Browser is an interesting alternative to regular browsers. It offers an ultimately pleasant experience, and provides a compact yet fully functional range of features.
Surfy Browser, a faster, functional, and secure new browser

The options for picking an Android browser might seem pretty obvious if you don't dig deeper in search of good alternatives. Surfy Browser comes from the Windows Phone ecosystem and offers a sober option that can, among other things, show your favorites as a mosaic. With its move to Android it's added more features such as a private mode, a system to read pages aloud, or an ultra-dark mode for reading at night.
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